3 Core Areas for the Most Positive Birth Possible. We offer expectant moms and partners easy to learn 'brain training' techniques including Mindfulness, CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy), sports psychology and medical hypnosis. *Brain Training for Birth and Beyond *Physical Comfort Strategies for Birth *Navigating and Negotiating Your Options

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The GentleBirth® Workshop is the only weekend immersion class that focuses on birth preparation for the biggest day of your life - and your baby. Diaper changing and bathing your baby is important but not nearly as important as having the best birth possible. Our focus is preparing you and your partner for the most positive birth possible - no matter what comes your way on the big day.

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Birth & Post Partum Doula Work

Nurturing new families from the start of pregnancy through birth into adjusting to parenthood. If you are interested in hiring a Doula follow this link for further information.

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Kilkenny’s GentleBirth Instructor & Doula

Having used GentleBirth successfully to achieve a positive induced birth on our first in St. Luke’s and a wonderfully empowering homebirth on our second, Eilís went on to train as a certified instructor and has been supporting and educating families throughout Kilkenny and the surrounding areas to have the best birth, as defined by them. I feel passionate that every woman should have a positive birth experience regardless of how or where she chooses to give birth. With this programme couples are prepared for whatever journey their birth takes them on and have learned a complete new set of skills to bring into parenting together. It empowers people to use the strength and wisdom that is within them when becoming parents, whether for the first time or fourth is a wonderful experience. It gives partners a definite role in the process to be as supportive and knowledgeable as possible, which is so important. I love facilitating and passing on skills and knowledge. To ensure I do this to the highest standard I keep up to date with all aspects of evidence based care, hospital policies and emerging research. My background is in Social Studies and I work in the community in Kilkenny with families for the past 9 years. I am a member of Cuidiu Committee and support the toddler group and events for parents in Kilkenny. I am a qualified DONA Post Partum Doula and DONA Birth Doula and a member of the Doula Association of Ireland.

To continue supporting parents on their journey we run monthly coffee mornings in The River Court Hotel and Mindfulness for parenting classes to support and help parents to continue to use the skills learned through GentleBirth in their day to day lives as parents. Have a read through our website and please feel free to contact us anytime.




Gentlebirth greatly helped me prepare for my second labour. Although my first labour had been a very positive experience it had left me afraid that my second labour would not be so straightforward. Gentle birth helped me overcome those fears and enabled my mind to realise what my body and my baby were capable of. It also helped educate me in making my birth preferences and ensuring my midwives were aware of these. Thanks to Gentlebirth our beautiful daughter arrived very positively and peacefully. I would definitely recommend it. -Nicky Griffin, Kilkenny

Before the workshop I was really anxious at every doctor's visit, at every scan and at every new pregnancy stage I experienced. After completing the GentleBirth course I began to enjoy all these new experiences as my body changed , my mind became calm and I developed a trust in the natural processes at work. I am so thankful that I could attend this wonderful workshop, I would encourage all women to invest time. So happy that this course was available locally to me and my partner. Edel Treacy Kilkenny

My 5th child and my partners 1st. I was tired of everyone saying to me 'sure you have had 4 kids you know it all', well i don't and i learned so much and things have changed so much over the years. Sometimes i find it difficult to explain even to my partner what i feel and my fears and concerns. After the GentleBirthing weekend i feel more confident and i know what exercises i can do to make it a more enjoyable time for me and my partner. I can see a change in him already it is like he now understands that he is involved and has a huge part to play in the pregnancy and birth. He now feels more included and i know he now knows what is involved. I intend to listen to my CD's and practice relaxation and i am now looking forward to the birth. I would highly recommend any couple to take time out of your busy lives and find out all you can to make this a very special time for both of you.


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