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Gentle Birthing Eilis Walklett

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Whilst pregnant on our first child my husband and I decided that we wanted to have a GentleBirth and for it to continue into our parenting. The GentleBirth gives families the tools to do this, through preparation for calm confident birthing, whilst learning new skills such as mindfulness, hypnosis and hormone hacking. On our first birth we wanted to know what would happen once we were admitted to the hospital and what to expect. We were induced on our first baby at 40+17 and we went in prepared. We bought our labour projects with us and had written and discussed our birth preference long before hand with the midwives and our consultant. The birth was a challenging and wonderful experience. The midwives helped us to stay with our plan and encouraged us every step of the way..reminding us to take it one surge at a time and that each one was bringing our baby closer to me. He arrived into the world and Sam immediately did skin to skin with him as i had to get some stitches. Within a half hour baby Donnchadh was on me skin to skin and was feeding.

We planned our second birth quite differently and chose to birth at home. This was a very different experience, instead of having appointments in the hospital we had shared care between our home birth midwife and our G.P. It was wonderful and easier to manage with a toddler in toe. We hired a birth pool and set it up a couple of weeks before the birth and used it many nights as we did 'trial' runs, the feeling of floating in the water in the evenings at (again) 41 + weeks was amazing, the weightlessness. We went on to have a beautiful homebirth with our daughter Alannah and she was birthed peacefully in our bedroom with my husband receiving her. We remained in bed for the day, while she and I learned to feed again.

We continue to use the skills learned in our day to day lives as parents. Mindfulness has helped immensely having two very young children. I love facilitating and passing on skills and knowledge. Empowering people to use the strength and wisdom that is within them when becoming parents whether for the first time or fourth is a wonderful experience. Giving partners a definite role in the process to be as supportive and knowledgeable as possible is amazing.






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