Mindfulness Pregnancy & Beyond

What is Mindfulness?

  • Mindfulness is being present, by paying attention, on purpose in the here and now, making no judgement. In life many of us never live in the present moment. We spend time thinking about the past and memories which stir up lots of emotions or thinking about the future and what might/will happen and this creates anxiety/worry about what might not happen!
  • We are on auto pilot so much of the time, rarely thinking about what we are doing. With all the practices, meditations and exercises within mindfulness it teaches us to live in a way of ‘being’ and not constantly ‘doing’.

What are the benefits of mindfulness for expectant parents.

  • Mindfulness has been proven to improve our brains ability to process information which is very important when expecting and perhaps looking at new medical terms, learning meditation, breathing, visualisations etc.


  • It has been proven that mindfulness strengthens our immune system.


  • Mindfulness lifts our mood and reduces stress...this is what we need expectant parents to be doing, the less stressed mum is the less stressed baby (and partner) is.

What are the  benefits of mindfulness for postnatal parents.

  • Mindfulness helps us to become fully aware and present. With a new baby this will decrease stress dramatically as parents won’t be so wrapped up in thinking about what they might be doing wrong/could do better etc.


  • Part of mindfulness is the befriending meditations such as befriending meditation or Loving Kindness Meditation and also the GentleBirthing New mother CD and confidence building CD’s will all help to relax and soothe and give confidence and love back to mum and partner when we are being hard or mean on ourselves, which can happen especially if we are sleep deprived, finding all the newness hard or falling into our old cycles of telling ourselves we’re not doing it right etc.. This will quickly help clear the chatter in a new mums head.


  • We will be more present and there with our new babies. If we have slowed down and are being kind to ourselves we are much more likely to have more skin to skin and more time to get to grips with breastfeeding and ensuring baby is latching properly and most of all enjoying it!

I am a qualified .B Mindfulness teacher. 

If you would like to learn more about Mindfulness in Kilkenny click here to go to Mindfulness Kilkenny website. I have taken Erica's 8 week Mindfulness Awareness- Finding peace in a Frantic World course and cannot recommend it highly enough.