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Yoga & Pregnancy

Yoga can be such a treat for Mums to be.  I really enjoyed including the gentle, leisurely paced exercise in my preparation for birth. Yoga is all about strengthening the body and relaxing the mind and GentleBirth is all about strengthening the mind and relaxing the body – the perfect combination for a positive birth!

Many women including pregnant yoga teachers are now using yoga in conjunction with GentleBirth to strengthen their bodies and minds in preparation for bringing a new life into the world.

Time to enjoy a few short moments of peaceful relaxed bliss after the challenging stretches and poses just moments before. Your whole body quietens and even your brain waves slow down similar to the trance state experienced in hypnosis and meditation.  Just like yoga the more often you practice with your GentleBirth CDs the more you and your baby benefit. With the GentleBirth program you can instantly experience those blissful end of yoga class moments without the hard work before!

Hypnosis is a naturally occurring trance state through which everyone passes multiple times a day, but it’s a much deeper state than that experienced at the end of a yoga practice. Your GentleBirth teacher’s job is simply to facilitate as Mums access their subconscious mind and then guide them to achieving a calm, confident, positive birth.

GentleBirth and prenatal yoga are designed specifically to assist pregnancy and birthing during the body's many changes. Yoga strengthens the body, and GentleBirth focuses on releasing the fear and focusing the mind.

GentleBirth classes teach expectant couples how to release their fears and tensions of birth from their conscious and subconscious minds by establishing a practice of simple relaxation, mindfulness and hypnosis.  GentleBirth is an effective natural form of pain reduction with no side effects for mother or baby. It can shorten labour, reduces fatigue during the birth and promotes a more rapid postnatal recovery. Other benefits are the integral role of your birth companion in facilitating the calmest most positive experience possible. In my experience Mums who compliment their yoga practice with GentleBirth can look forward to their baby’s birth with excited anticipation feeling physically, emotionally and mentally ready for the adventure of parenting ahead.

Ask your antenatal yoga instructor for more information as you prepare for your positive birth.

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